What are the best Axie combination?

If you want a balanced team, then you cannot go wrong with these combos: Beast, Bird, Plant. Aqua, Beast, Plant. Aqua, Aqua, Plant.

Is Double Plant good Axie?

The double plant axie can provide tons of survivability and some decent damage. This will allow the bird to prepare for combos and burst damage. It can also use Aroma to soak up the damage in the late game.

What is meta build Axie?

Check The Meta Trends Like any other game, Axie has what you call a “meta”. Meta means the most effective tactics available to excel in a game. The current meta in Axie right now is having 1 Plant and 2 Damage Dealers in a team composition.

How much does it cost to build an Axie team?

How Much Does a Productive Team of Axies Cost? A productive team of Axies that can actually compete and earn SLP in PvP battle will cost around $300 USD, as noted at the top of the article. You may get lucky and find some decent ones for ~$75 each but you should plan to spend roughly $100 per usable Axie.

How do I know if my Axie is Chopsuey?

Finding the right “Chopsuey” Axie The “Pure” Axies are the ones that possess all of their four cards that directly corresponds to their type of Axie. For example, a Plant Axie should have four plant cards to be considered “pure” otherwise, it will be considered a “Chopsuey” Axie.

How can I make my Axie stronger?

In order to maximize your profits in Axie Infinity, you’ll need to win a lot of games against players in Arena mode. Every time you win, you get some SLP and Match Making Ranking(MMR) points, while you lose MMR every time you lose. The higher your MMR, the more SLP you get.

What’s the strongest Axie?

Shrimpinator (Aqua, Reptile, Plant) This is one of the strongest build in the current meta. It allows the aquatic Axie to burst down the enemy backline and applies poison.

What is the best tank in Axie?

Sticky Tank build is the best counter for high burst damage combos in arena. Sticky Tanks are usually axies with high base health such as Plant, Reptile, and Dusk.

How do you beat Axie Terminator?

Which is better dusk or reptile?

Terminator Weaknesses Dusk termi build is stronger than Reptile termi since its faster while Reptile termi is more of a tank axie because of its reliable health stat. Beast, Bug, Mech deal 15% more damage to Iterminator since its usually a between the lines of Reptile and Dusk axie.

What is Axie Terminator build?

The Axie provides a high damage defence and de-buffs. It also features a negative attack speed and multiple stuns to the opponent. Many players have wondered what makes a Terminator combination so special in the late game. This class and build are very special due to thier energy efficiency.

How much does it cost to buy 3 Axies?

To play Axie Infinity’s mini-games and start earning Smooth Love Potions (SLP), you will need a team of three Axies. At the lowest, some Axie are currently listed on the Marketplace for 0.003 ETH – just over $5. This means you could put together a starting team for under $100 if you only buy these NFTs.

How much does it cost to buy 3 axis?

To get started on Axie Infinity, players need to buy (or borrow) three Axies. They are available from US$190 (£138), though the current average is about US$350, and higher level, rare or mystic Axies can sell for a lot more.

How much should I invest in Axie Infinity Philippines?

How Much is Needed to Start Axie Infinity? These days, the price of a decent team of Axies ranges from ₱30,000 to ₱60,000, or even more. Obviously, this Axie price is quite large for a start-up capital, so hearing stories of friends and families pooling money together isn’t new.

How many Axies can you have per account?

One person with one account on multiple devices (one PC/laptop and one mobile phone)? No problem. You can use multiple devices for playing Axie Infinity as long as all of these devices only use one account.

What Axie type can deal 15 damage to plant axis?

The Axie that has the class advantage will deal 15% additional damage. The Axie that has the class disadvantage will deal 15% less damage. For example, a Bird class Axie deals 15% additional damage to a Beast class Axie.

How do you predict cards in Axie?

The easiest way to know for sure what’s going on is to look at the counter when the animations are ongoing. It updates between turns showing how many cards your opponent has at that moment. All you have to do is to add 3 cards to that number to determine how many cards your opponent will have on the next turn.

How do you strategize infinity in Axie?

What is God reptile Axie?

The God Reptile Axie build is one of the most effective strategies in Axie Infinity Classic that can also reflect damage back to the opponent. With the Tiny Swing card the Reptile Axie can also deal massive damage after four rounds upon activating the card.

How do I organize my Axie team?

The golden rule to know is that Axies will always attack the opposition Axie which are closest to them. This means that if the opponent’s team is positioned in a horizonal row, the player’s Axies will always attack the front Axie first, the mid-liner second, and the backliner last.

How many MMR when you start Axie?

Since 1200 is the starting MMR for every season. These are some tips to help you stay above 1200 MMR in Axie: ▼Check Your Enemy’s Cards. ▼Learn To Count Energy.

Is Dusk a good Tank Axie?

Lets start with macro oversight of these Axies. Best illustrated is this chart. Dusks: have a lot of HP and speed making them a great tank and move priority making them better than other slower tanks. They take split damage as they are reptile and aqua.

How do you know if your Axie is healthy?

  1. 500 / (Card Attack * Skill)
  2. High Speed > Low HP > High Skill > High Morale > Low Fighter ID.
  3. Health Points/Hit Points/Health Power are several terms for the same thing. This metric indicates how much damage an Axie can take before being knocked out.

Is reptile good in Axie?

Reptile Axies are also stronger against Bird and Aqua Axies, which are usually the last ones standing in Axie parties. Terminator Bugs trump Terminator Reptiles, but Reptiles are better against everyone else.

What is double anemone Axie?

Double Anemone Build revolves around abusing its healing abilities which makes it very hard to kill, as long as it doesn’t die in 1 turn. The key to this build is its Anemone cards which restore 50 HP for each Anemone card the Axie possesses.

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